Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eugene Domingo -- Kimmy or Dora?

Eugene Domingo Kimmy DoraEugene Domingo
Eugene Domingo is one versatile actress I enjoy watching because for me, she's truly funny. It was three years ago when she starred in her first major film, "Kimmy Dora" where she played the role of twins with totally different personalities. I remember watching that movie and laughing so hard in some memorable scenes that I actually became a fan of Kimmy and Dora -- her characters. Well, the family decided to have a movie bonding this weekend and so I joined them to watch the sequel to "Kimmy Dora." I'd say the first movie was funnier, but I nonetheless felt entertained by "Kimmy Dora 2." My mom said she's disappointed though as she expected the sequel to be just as funny as the original. To each his own I suppose. I still recommend "Kimmy Dora 2" if you just want to be entertained and have a good laugh. I liked the "horror" scenes and the very nice shots of South Korea. And of course, Eugene Domingo is an awesome actress. ^_^