Friday, December 20, 2013

Star Magic Ball 2013 : Bea Alonzo

Va-va-voom voluptuous figure of Bea Alonzo in an Ezra Santos gown during the Star Magic Ball 2013. Don't you love that gown on her? I know I do. Well, Bea Alonzo is still one of the best dramatic actresses around. Fresh from her successful romantic comedy movie with DingDong Dantes, Enrique Gil, and Liza Soberano, I'm sure Bea is ready for her next project. But I wonder what it would be..... Her last teleserye (A Beautiful Affair) didn't last that long... and to think it was with John Lloyd Cruz! I wonder if Bea and real life beau Zanjoe Marudo would ever star together in a teleserye? They did come out in a short episode of 24/7 In Love (movie). I guess we'll need to wait for 2014 to find out what's next for Bea Alonzo! 

Photo credit : scanned from The Buzz Magazine November 2013 issue

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Star Magic Ball 2013 : Kim Chiu

KimXi Star Magic Ball 2013

Awarded Moet and Chandon Fabulous Pair award during the Star Magic Ball 2013, Kim Chiu and love tandem leading man Xian Lim continue to gather other recognition. If I'm not mistaken, they also got the ASAP Pop Love Team award. It's good to see Kim Chiu bounce back and also good to see Xian Lim finally make a breakthrough. 

Coming from a successful movie, KimXi tandem may be working on yet another teleserye. Isn't that awesome? But I would love to see Kim Chiu also paired with other leading men. I love Kim's Pepsi Herrera gown during the Star Magic Ball 2013. Now that's what I'd call a ball gown! 

Photo credit : scanned from The Buzz Magazine November 2013 issue

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Star Magic Ball 2013 : Kathryn Bernardo

I loved Kathryn Bernardo's gown during Star Magic Ball 2013, made by none other than the iconic Francis Libiran who also made Miss World 2013 Megan Young's coronation night gown. Kathryn stars in prime time TV show "Got to Believe" opposite Daniel Padilla. The two were awarded Couple of the Night during the ball. 

I'd say among the teens, these two are leading the pack so to speak. Their box office appeal will be tested once again as they have an upcoming horror movie "Pagpag" this coming Metro Manila Film Festival. I'd say this year's filmfest is one of the best with lots of movies that I would want to watch!!!

Photo credit: scanned from The Buzz Magazine November 2013 issue 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sizzling Diva : Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera

Congratulations to PMPC Star Awards for TV Best Actress Marian Rivera! I don't get to watch her often but I do know that she's a pretty good actress. My daughter and I last watched her on "Kung Fu Divas," her movie with Ai-Ai de las Alas. Plus, she also guested in a number of shows on ABS-CBN Kapamilya channel during the movie's promotion. It was a surprisingly good and entertaining movie. Love the fight scenes which were well directed in my opinion. Anyway, Marian Rivera was the featured cover girl on Star Studio Magazine October 2013 issue. These two pages were scanned from that issue. No copyright infringement intended. Just for my digital file record. 

Perhaps in the future Marian can also star in a movie opposite any kapamilya actor, since DingDong Dantes has already made a couple of movies with kapamilya leading ladies. A new combination is really good given the right project. 

Marian Rivera

Monday, December 2, 2013

Glam Nation : Jewel Mische

Throwback photo. Scanned from Star Studio Magazine July 2012. Jewel Mische is one actress I haven't watched in a while on TV. I wonder what she is up to lately. And here I think that she's a pretty good actress. I love her gown featured here. I think it's classy and feminine. Anyway, I hope that Jewel Mische will soon be more visible again on TV or on the big screen. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Glam Nation : Cristine Reyes

Throwback photo. Scanned from Star Studio Magazine July 2012 issue. Cristine Reyes dons a lovely emerald green gown by Pepsi Herrera when she received her Box Office Queen award. Cristine has a movie that's showing this week, "When the Love Is Gone," a remake from an 80's movie. I've seen the trailer and would want to watch it as soon as my schedule allows. She also starred opposite Gerald Anderson in a recently concluded teleserye on prime time TV. But I do believe she's already included in a new one, "Honesto." Now that's one busy artist! 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Glam Nation : Angel Locsin

Throwback photo. Scanned from Star Studio Magazine July 2012 issue. Although we rarely watch her on TV or the big screen, Angel Locsin has been quite blessed to have landed some roles that have earned her the Best Actress award. There's "In the Name of Love" and "One More Try." Angel starred in a weekly sitcom "Todamax" that recently said good-bye, but I think she's working on a TV series with Jericho Rosales, Maja Salvador, and JC de Vera. I've seen the trailer a few times and thought it was supposed to start airing November this year. I guess they moved the opening of said teleserye. 

One admirable thing about Angel is that she's always actively involved in relief efforts. She's been quite consistent in that regard. It's a bit saddening though that she and beau Phil Younghusband have called it quits. ^_^

Friday, November 29, 2013

Glam Nation : Erich Gonzales

Throwback photo. Scanned from Star Studio Magazine July 2012. Erich Gonzales wears a gold embellished gown by Philipp Tampus. 

Last Sunday I was able to watch on TV Erich's movie with Mario Maurer, Suddenly It's Magic. I just realized how good they looked together on screen. Aside from that, Erich is fresh from the "Juan Dela Cruz" TV series where she played Rosario, Coco Martin's leading lady and love interest. I was kinda glad that the two were paired as they also look good on screen. Now, I wonder what Erich's next project would be. I sure hope it's going to be another good one.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Glam Nation : Kim Chiu

Throwback photo. Scanned from Star Studio Magazine July 2012 issue. Kim Chiu wears Francis Libiran when she accepted her award for being Princess of Philippine TV. Indeed, a well deserved award. Kim is often seen on Kris TV as co-host of Kris Aquino. Aside from that, she's fresh from the success of her first movie with Xian Lim, a movie adaptation of the book written by Ramon Bautista (Bakit Di Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?). I believe the popularity of KimXi tandem has surpassed that of Kimerald.

I wonder what's Kim's next project on TV and the big screen. I hope she doesn't get tied down to KimXi projects only. It would be good to see new team ups and tandems from time to time. Just my two cents... >.<

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Glam Nation : Toni Gonzaga

Throwback photo. Scanned from Star Studio Magazine July 2012 issue. Toni Gonzaga, for me, is one of the best, if not the best, female TV hosts in the country today. She's witty as well as funny. Her latest stint was being host of the first ever season of The Voice Philippines. I think she did an excellent job! Plus, I love watching her dress up during the show. 

Here Toni wears a red evening dress while accepting her award for Female Concert Performer of the year. 

I believe that Toni Gonzaga has an upcoming project with John Lloyd Cruz soon on TV. I can't wait to watch it! Looks like it's going to be a comedy series. ^_^

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Glam Nation : Anne Curtis

Call this a throwback photo. Scanned from Star Studio Magazine July 2012. For me, Anne Curtis is one of the certified "fashionistas" among local female celebrities. It seems she can pull off almost anything she wears.

She wore a simple white gown by Francis Libiran when she accepted her Box Office Queen award for "No Other Woman." Anne's a pretty good actress and I think she should star in another prime time TV series. The last one she starred in ended rather too soon (Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw). I also hope that she stars on the big screen soon. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Megan Young, Miss World 2013

Megan Young, first Filipina ever to be crowned Miss World! Wow! Now she's part of Philippine beauty pageant history as one of the firsts! Amazing isn't it? Her lovely gown is by the world-renowned Francis Libiran. I believe I have previously shared some of his gowns too when Anne Curtis modeled for him. I'm just proud that the Filipinos have been proven to be world class! Mind you, that's not just for beauty pageants or singing talents! I know that the Philippines may be wrought with problems and major political and peace & order issues, but good news such as this one someone feels like the light at the end of the tunnel. It's what keeps Filipinos hanging on and looking forward to a better tomorrow! Ooops, enough of the dramas! That's one reason why I waited a few days before posting.. so my emotional excitement will die down a bit. I've been supporting Megan's journey since she got shortlisted as a candidate in MWP. And now, I'm still going to be with her as she journeys into the bigger world out there! >.< 

Megan Young Miss World 2013
Photo credit: Miss World Org
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Congratulations Megan Young -- Miss World Philippines 2013!

Megan Young (@meganbata) brought home the Miss World Philippines 2013 crown on last Sunday night's coronation night. She will be representing the country in Miss World competition in Indonesia next month. Yey! It's my first time to bet on a candidate as I'm not much of a beauty pageant fan. I'm now a certified Megan Young fan. I've started loving her upon watching her play antagonist to Ritz Azul who stars on TV5 Misibis Bay. 

I love it that Megan is versatile. She can be an actress, TV host, singer, model, and many more. I'm happy she's our representative to the Miss World 2013 international competition. I'm rooting for her all the way! Congratulations, Megan Lynne Young! <3 <3 <3 

Her lovely gown is by Eric delos Santos. I really love it! I hope she'll look just as stunning on Miss World coronation night! 

Photo credit  (above) : Miss World website
Photo credit (below) : lifted from Megan Young Fan Page on FB as collaged from OPMB Worldwide FB and Missosology FB pages

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Megan Young -- Candidate No. 20, MWP2013

Megan Young (@meganbata) -- I don't usually follow news about beauty pageants. No, I'm not much of a fan, except this time around, one of the candidates caught my attention. For me, she's one of the under-appreciated leading ladies of the Kapamilya channel. I've seen her in shows here and there and have not really been much of a fan girl until I watched her on TV5 Misibis Bay. 

Megan Young MWP2013
Credit: Megan's instagram (@meganbata)

Megan plays Lara Borromeo, one of the antagonists of the main character of TV5 Misibis Bay played by Ritz Azul. I don't even mind that she's playing kontrabida. I've never seen her glow as much as she does these days. Then I learned that Megan finally joined Miss World Philippines 2013.

Megan Young MWP2013
Credit: Megan's instagram (@meganbata)
I love watching Megan Young. I think I've become a real fan too. I do believe she has what it takes to make it as Miss World Philippines 2013. I'm rooting for her and I hope and pray that she will take home the crown. I'd love for her to represent the country in Miss World 2013 competition. 

Megan Young MWP2013
Credit: Megan's instagram (@meganbata)
For now, I will keep watching the last two weeks of TV5 Misibis Bay. Plus, I will definitely follow her journey to this Sunday's coronation night. Yup, Miss World Philippines 2013 coronation night will be on August 18, 2013 on GMA Network. Good luck, Megan! Bring home the bacon! ^_^

Good luck with beautiful roses

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ritz Azul -- TV5 Misibis Bay Promising Star

Ritz Azul
Photo credit: FashBits
I have first heard of Ritz Azul's name when she made cover on FHM Magazine. I haven't been much of a teleserye fan of late, except for following news on some of my favorites. 

Come July 1st, TV5 Misibis Bay debuted on TV5 Primetime (8 p.m.). I started following the said mini-series as the trailer seemed interesting. Two weeks down the line, I'm now a regular viewer of said TV show. 

Ritz Azul stars as Maita Ramirez on TV5 Misibis Bay. Maita's parents got killed over a land dispute in Misibis Bay when she was a young girl so she was raised by her grandmother. They relocated to Manila and lived as informal settlers. 

Ritz Azul
Photo credit: Go5! Trade launch

Maita went on to work as a bar dancer when her grandmother suffered injury as she needed money to pay for the hospital bills. Little did she know that Anthony Cadiz, played by Christopher de Leon, the brother of Miranda Cadiz -- who evicted them from their land and who was also responsible for killing Maita's parents, was searching for them.

Pretending to be a customer, Anthony sought out Maita at the club where she worked as a dancer and hired her as a private dancer. He later on revealed his true intentions. Maita agreed to be Anthony's friend so she could pay for her grandmother's much needed operation. Eventually, Anthony and Maita fell in love and got married, but Miranda Cadiz wasn't too happy about the union. 

Ritz Azul TV5 Misibis Bay
Screenshot from TV5 Misibis Bay wedding scene

Right now, there are four more weeks left of TV5 Misibis Bay. You can watch a marathon of the last two weeks of episodes on

I love the format of the TV show. It is fast-paced and there's hardly any dull moment. Plus the cast is a mix of veteran stars -- Christopher de Leon, Boots Anson Roa, Vivian Velez, to name a few -- and newer stars -- Ritz Azul, Daniel Matsunaga, Victor Silayan, Vin Abrenica, and many more. Even Megan Young is on the show as Lara Borromeo. I sure missed watching her on the kapamilya channel. It's interesting to note that I've gone out of my way to make screenshots of some interesting scenes from TV5 Misibis Bay. Find more from my Tumblr site... Rose's World

Here's the full trailer of TV5 Misibis Bay... 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Birthday KC!

Photo credit:

A very happy birthday to my favorite KC Concepcion (@kc_concepcion)! May you have more blessings, happiness, love, more projects -- TV shows, movies, etc. Keep on inspiring people and continue being the princess that you are. 

I do miss seeing KC on TV, aside from ASAP 18, that is. I hope her teleserye with Judy Ann Santos and Sam Milby comes out soon too! I heard it has changed the title from "Against All Odds" to "Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala." That's something to look forward to. Plus, I wish her more projects to come. I hope to meet her one day too so she can sign the KC scrapbook that I made. ^_^

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Sarah Geronimo : NCCA Goodwill Ambassadress for Music

(Credit to owner of photo)

Sarah Geronimo is one of the 48 recipients of the "Ani ng Dangal" ("Harvest of Honors") award given by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) at the end of the Philippine Arts Festival. Every February is National Arts Month in the Philippines. Sarah is also named as the NCCA Goodwill Ambassadress for Music. Below are some screen caps from Bandila news.......

Sarah Geronimo receives her Ani ng Dangal award

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Watch out for Sarah Geronimo's upcoming movie with John Lloyd Cruz... "It Takes A Man and A Woman"... 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Marion Aunor : 2nd Runner Up Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs

The Grand Finals Night was held last February 24th. Personally, I think all the 12 finalists are awesome. It's actually great to be hearing new OPM (Original Pilipino Music) songs once again. Remakes aren't all that cool after all. 

So happy that Marion Aunor won 2nd Runner-Up. She's really my bet as she not only composed her own song, she also sang it during the competition. I was actually a bit worried when the sound system was lousy when she was performing her number. I was all prepared to scream "Sabotage!" LOL! So happy that she managed to be top 3!

I've also read recently that she signed up with Star Records and will have her own album by end of April this year. Wow! I think she's really talented and I look forward to hearing and seeing more of her on TV. I hope she gets to be a regular on ASAP. (Photo credit:

Here's Marion's performance of her original composition, "If You Ever Change Your Mind".......

Friday, March 1, 2013

Anne Curtis -- Controversial Birthday Number

I don't always get to watch ASAP in its entirety every Sunday, so it's no surprise that I missed out on Anne Curtis's controversial birthday production number. I also wouldn't have gotten curious if it didn't hound the local news about her controversial super revealing gown. (Disclaimer: Photos are from screen caps of said production number. I searched for it on YouTube 'coz I wanted to know what the hype was all about.) Here are the screenshots:

My initial reaction was "Wow!" Anne Curtis has been known to don really sexy and sultry gowns in the past and she has always managed to pull it off. I think the controversy started 'coz some people speculated that Anne wasn't wearing any undies. Personally, I don't think it was done in bad taste. It was just consistent with the overall sexy production number. Perhaps if it wasn't on a noontime family variety show such as ASAP, people would not rave about it. As it is, they will probably be stricter on sexy numbers next time around. Too bad huh? ^_^

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013 & A Moment in Time

Free Orkut and My Space Chinese New Year Graphics Glitters
Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy Chinese New Year! I wish you and your family all the best in the Year of the Water Snake. Curious what the year has in store for you? Let me share one article I found... Your Chinese Zodiac Sign’s Luck in the Year of the Water Snake.

Within the week is also the Valentine's Day celebration. One thing for sure, my mom will be looking forward to this upcoming Valentine's date movie... starring none other than the tandem from the phenomenal hit "Walang Hanggan" -- Coco Martin and Julia Montes. (All images courtesy of

Julia Montes wedding

Julia Montes wedding

Coco Martin Julia Montes wedding

Time was when Julia was a member of "Going Bulilit." Since being cast opposite Coco Martin, she seemed to have totally bloomed as a young lady. For sure a number of fans will be looking forward to "A Moment in Time" -- Valentine movie offering... here's the trailer...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kris Aquino and Anne Curtis in a New Teleserye

Anne Curtis -- sexy, daring, and the popular "Dyosa" (goddess) of local showbiz stars once again in an upcoming teleserye with Kris Aquino and Robin Padilla. She's truly one of the most visible leading lady these days and has now been dubbed as the Box-Office Queen after the huge success of her movies in the box-office. 

On the other hand, queen of all media Kris Aquino who has not made any teleserye shows in the recent years is now making a major comeback in "Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw." The show has a powerhouse cast that also includes Robin Padilla as the coveted leading man of both Kris and Anne. 

The trailer looks promising. I just hope it's not another hand-to-mouth teleserye, which is a trouble with most shows these days. Kris mentioned in her morning show "Kris TV" that they've been working on this show for the past 7 months. If that's the case then the show is truly something to look forward to. It's not that I regularly watch teleserye shows, but I get irked when most shows get extended and then they lose much of the original plot. I hope "Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw" won't be one of those shows.

The show starts next week on primetime. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Angeline Quinto Stars in Her Own Teleserye

From being the teleserye theme song queen, Angeline Quinto is for the first time given a chance to star in her own teleserye, "Kahit Konting Pagtingin." Not only does she get to be a lead star, she also gets paired with two of the popular leading men in local showbiz, Paulo Avelino and Sam Milby. The show gets an afternoon time slot. From the trailer, "Kahit Konting Pagtingin" looks promising as I think it's not going to be all drama but will feature the funny side of Angeline too. 

I hope the show takes off. I've been a fan of Angeline since the Star Power Quest. She even replied to one of my tweets when she was just starting out. Good luck, Angeline and the rest of the cast of "Kahit Konting Pagtingin."

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013... Happy New Year World!

Yey! My KC Concepcion Tanduay Rhum calendar is now up! HAPPY NEW YEAR Philippines! HAPPY NEW YEAR World! ^_^

May 2013 bring us all more blessings, joy, peace, good health and prosperity!

Lovely KC Concepcion when she guested on Sarah G. Live! last Sunday. Both Sarah and KC sang and danced to the tune of Madonna's "La Isla Bonita." (Photo credit: GlobalKaChoochay Facebook Fan Page) I hope to watch more of KC this 2013! I wonder if she signed another contract already. If I remember correctly, it's been a year since she signed a one-year contract with ABS-CBN. What's next? 

Anyway, have a wonderful new year celebration! I hope you're spending quality time with family and loved ones...