Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sarah G. Live!

Sarah Geronimo in Whitney Houston TributeSarah Geronimo in Sarah G LiveSarah Geronimo in Sarah G LiveGerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo in Sarah G Live

Sarah Geronimo -- pop star princess -- has leveled up and now has her own variety show, Sarah G. Live! Sarah is truly one of the most talented performers around local biz. It's good to see that she has been given some bigger break. A show of her own truly tops the list. Well, everyone knows Sarah has great talent. It would be good to see other sides of her on her show. Plus, it seems that she has also found her real life prince in the person of Gerald Anderson, who even surprised her in one of her show's episodes. Well, I wish them all the best. I hope it turns out better for them as compared to other well-publicized relationships. ^_^