Saturday, August 18, 2012

Celebrity Brides - Part 1

I happened along this collection of photos of celebrity brides. I thought it would be good to also feature them here. Photos in this first part include Priscilla Meirelles, who is actually a Brazilian and former Ms. Earth, now married to local actor John Estrada. Ciara Sotto, daughter of Helen Gamboa and Senator Tito Sotto. I remember Ciara more as an ex-girlfriend of John Lloyd Cruz. Judy Ann Santos, who is now hailed as the teleserye queen by ABS-CBN. She's going to star in a soap opera with my fave, KC Concepcion!

celebrity bride Priscilla Meirelles
Priscilla Meirelles gown by Randy Ortiz

celebrity bride Ciara Sotto
Ciara Sotto gown by Mich Dulce

celebrity bride Judy Ann Santos
Judy Ann Santos gown by Paul Cabral