Friday, October 26, 2012

Star Magic Ball 2012 -- Melissa Ricks

Melissa Ricks Star Magic Ball 2012
Melissa Ricks wears Cherry Veric to the Star Magic Ball 2012. I remember when Melissa was part of the Big 5 of the first ever Star Circle Quest. Wow! That seemed like a long time ago. I think she was just around 14 then. 

Her role in Philippine TV remake "Nasaan Ka Elisa" was a good one in my opinion. It showed Melissa in a more mature, rebellious and daring role. It's no wonder her Joanna character in "Walang Hanggan" is just as marked. I think it's time to cast Melissa Ricks in strong and mean roles, though not necessarily playing villain. 

Photo credit: scanned from Star Studio magazine October 2012 issue