Saturday, November 17, 2012

Star Magic Ball 2012 -- Carmen Soo

I know that Carmen Soo is not exactly a Philippine Celebrity. In fact, she's a Malaysian star. But she did work on a few local projects, including the teleserye "Kahit Isang Saglit" with Jericho Rosales. She has been one of my favorites since then. Lucky for me that I got to meet her twice. She's also very nice. Now, I miss seeing her on local TV. The Jericho Rosales - Carmen Soo tandem is one to be missed indeed. Echomen as they were called also became my fave tandem. I love the rapport of these two stars. And Echo remains to be my most favorite local actor. It is indeed wonderful that Carmen Soo got to attend the Star Magic Ball this year. I hope Star Magic hasn't forgotten her and will have a project for her again soon.

Photo credit : images from gallery and yahoo omg!