Tuesday, March 31, 2015

JustJulia Party: Liza Soberano

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Hope Elizabeth Soberano.. now more popularly known as Liza Soberano.. is truly one of showbiz's prettiest faces. I first noticed her way back when she first starred on an afternoon series as Jake Cuenca's younger sister. Back then, I remember she was known as Hope Soberano. 

I'm actually quite happy that she has graduated from minor roles, esp. playing the third wheel to the KathNiel tandem. Forevermore TV series seems to be faring well on the primetime TV race. I must admit that I started following the series way back when it started. I stopped following it when the going got too rough for the good people of La Presa. I somehow didn't quite like the way the story went that time. I started watching again when a new beginning was introduced back in February. I think you'll call that the Book 2. 

Well, Liza's being launched in a loveteam, which seems typical for the younger artists these days. It seems that they needed a tandem in order to sustain popularity. Personally, I'm all out for watching fresh and new tandems every so often. I hope that Liza Soberano also gets paired with other leading men. At least, she got the chance to be paired with Daniel Padilla before. Now, I'm quite hoping that ABS-CBN management would also explore the Liza Soberano-Diego Loyzaga tandem. I kinda liked the pairing.. and it's also the reason why I'm following Forevermore TV series once again. I'm sure some fanatics would react violently, but this is after all my opinion. Hey, I'm a viewer and I simply want to be entertained. Plus, I'd rather watch my fave artists grow in their crafts and not be limited by tandems alone. I'm sure it would be good for their career in the long run. 

I loved her get-up during the Just Julia Party. It's simple yet it brings out her natural beauty. (Photo credit: Liza Soberano's IG)

I hope to watch more of Liza Soberano in future projects... hopefully in a variety of roles and genres... ^_^