Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yeng Constantino

I find Yeng Constantino's fashion sense to be different. I actually admire her punk and sense of style. She dares to be different and stands out. Besides, this pop rock princess is truly talented. She totally rocks! ^_^

(Star Magic Ball 2011)

Yeng looked a bit more traditional in last year's ball. I don't know why but I seem to prefer seeing her look unique and her fashion style stand out. I certainly won't mind seeing her in fashion forward outfit! After all, she is a rocker chick!

(Star Magic Ball 2010)

'Tis the first time I saw Yeng sport a fashion forward outfit. I don't think it was received so well back in 2009. Perhaps that was why she opted for a more traditional look the year after. I'm glad though that she's back in her signature style in this year's ball. 

I wonder what's her next tv project aside from ASAP Rocks. I used to watch Music Uplate Live because of Yeng. She totally rocks and I like her music!

(Star Magic Ball 2009)