Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Maricar Reyes

I can't help but think that Maricar Reyes is a kapamilya favorite. Since she was discovered and launched, and later on got caught in a sex video scandal, Maricar is hardly absent from tv or movie projects. She has kept mum about the scandal issue and it seemed to turn to her favor. Anyway, I think she's a talented actress.

(Star Magic 2011)

I may not have liked Maricar's role in "Lovers in Paris" remake as Karen, but I did like her Samantha character on "Immortal." I think she stood out in her performance there. I was sorry they had to kill off her character towards the end.

(Star Magic 2010)

Maricar's first attendance at Star Magic Ball. Her guesting role on "Betty la Fea" remake paved the way for her movie and tv appearances, but I believe it was the video scandal that made people pay more attention to her. A few years down the line, perhaps not many would remember it anymore. It will be good to watch Maricar as one of the lead characters in any project.

(Star Magic 2009)