Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nikki Valdez and Beauty Gonzalez

Nikki Valdez is a familiar face on local TV as well as the big screen. A homegrown talent of ABS-CBN Kapamilya channel. She took a hiatus when she got married and had a baby. Now she's back and has appeared on "Imortal." She co-stars with Vice Ganda in his upcoming movie "Praybeyt Benjamin." I love the short hair and she looks absolutely fabulous in this picture. (Star Magic Ball 2011)

Beauty Gonzalez is the 4th grand placer of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus. I remember watching her on "Alyna" where she played the role of Shaina's best friend. That was actually a good role and showed her comedic side. Just like Nikki V., I like her short hair. (Star Magic Ball 2010)