Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kim Chiu

Kim Chiu has come a long way since winning Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition back in 2006. Back then, she's just another new teen star playing mostly teeny bopper roles. She has indeed blossomed into a lady.

Kim is known for her Barbie-like gowns. I find her cute in this one. She's indeed one of the princesses of ABS-CBN. 

(Star Magic Ball 2009)

Kim looks sexier and more matured in last year's Star Magic Ball. I personally think she needs to put on a little more weight as she looks so thin. That's Gerald Anderson in the background -- Kim's long-time love team partner. However, the two apparently split up. Now they're working on separate projects. Both are being teamed up with other artists.

(Star Magic Ball 2010)

Here's Kim now in this year's Star Magic Ball. She's still skinny, albeit more matured-looking. I believe she has grown into a fine actress. I haven't been able to watch her current show "Binondo Girl" but I was able to watch the first week marathon re-runs and think she's doing a great job in it.  I hope she gets more exciting roles in the near future. 

(Star Magic Ball 2011)