Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bea Alonso

It seems that there was some reversal of roles here. If Cristine's image went from sexy and daring to sweet, Bea Alonso is the opposite. I must say this look for this year's Star Magic Ball came as a surprise to me. Is it because she's now with rumored bf Zanjoe Marudo? 

I believe that Bea Alonso is one of the few actresses who looks better now that she has matured a bit. She's pretty, true, but now I think she looks more beautiful then ever. 

(Star Magic Ball 2011)

Black is bold. I like Bea's gown at last year's Star Magic Ball. Here you'll see how gracefully she's maturing. She's indeed one of the finest dramatic actresses around. 

(Star Magic Ball 2010)

Bea Alonso's bold and beautiful look this year is a shock if you compare it to her Star Magic Ball 2009 look. It's certainly not as alluring, but it's just as pretty. I wonder what her next project would be after "Guns and Roses" which is due to end by next week.

(Star Magic Ball 2009)